Galway Accommodation

Galway is one of the most visited counties in Ireland and Galway City and Connemara are among the most popular tourist destinations in the country.
Consequently Galway Accommodation is in high demand throughout the year especially in the Summer months. Galway hosts some huge festivals including The Galway Races and The Galway Arts Festival when demand for accommodation is extremely high. Anyone visiting during these times is advised to book their accommodation far in advance to avoid disappointment and to avail of lower prices.

A Variety of Galway Accommodation

There is a rich variety of accommodation in both the city and county ranging from luxury 5 star hotels to budget hostels. The quality of accommodation is generrally very good across the range of accommodation which includes hotels, bed and breakfasts, self-catering houses and apartments and hostels.

Galway Hotels - ArdilaunHotels

County Galway has over 90 hotels with 87 listed on Booking dot com. These include two 5-star, thirty three 4-star and thirty one 3-star hotels.
39 of these hotels are in the Galway City area. Almost all hotels have a good restaurant and many have a gym/leisure centre/spa.
You can filter all these facilities when you search on to find the hotel in Galway that best suits your needs.
Here is our selection of some great Galway hotels: Galway Hotels

Galway Bed and BreakfastBed and Breakfast

There is a long tradition of providing Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Galway. In the past B&B often consisted of a spare room in a family home and you can still find that type of accommodation. However nowadays many B&Bs are purpose built houses with high quality accommodation, facilities and dining. Included in our list of B&Bs are Guesthouses which are usually larger premises with more rooms.
County Galway has over 200 Bed and Breakfast or Guesthouse accommodations of which over 160 are listed on booking dot com of which over 65 are in the Galway City area.
Here is our selection of some great Galway Bed and Breakfasts: Galway B&B

Galway Self Catering - Atlantic Retreat LodgeSelf Catering

Self catering accommodation is growing in popularity very rapidly and this is reflected in the fact that there are now over 500 units available in County Galway.
These include apartments, vacation homes, country houses, lodges and villas. Booking dot com has listed over 450 of these in the county.
Here is our small selection of some great Galway Self Catering properties: Galway Self Catering

Getting The Best Value in Galway Accommodation

Accommodation in Galway (or any popular destinations) can be quite expensive especially at peak seasons or at times of festivals or special events.
Here are some useful tips from an informative article about saving on accommodation costs from Dublin Overnight.

  • Book your accommodation well in advance (Plan ahead).
  • Try to stay midweek if possible.
  • Book more than one day at a time.
  • Avoid times when there is a big event at the location.
  • Avoid locations where a big event is taking place.
  • Stay off season.
  • Choose no breakfast.
  • Search for deals.
  • Search for a B&B instead of a Hotel

It is amazing how much you can save by applying some of these tips. Try it on!

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